Carrie Cochran, MFT
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Individual Psychotherapy Individual therapy sessions are offered to assess presenting symptoms and mental health conditions and address concerns through a variety of therapeutic treatment techniques.  Mental health needs ranging fromdifficult life adjustments to ongoing struggles with anxiety and depression are addressed using multiple theoretical perspectives that are tailored to clients’ needs.  Clients are an active part of determining their goals and directing the course of treatment, including requests for psychoeducation about their symptoms and mental health condition.  

Couples & Family Counseling
Healthy relationships are directly linked with happiness and a healthy life functioning. Often as individuals, couples and families evolve through natural transitions in life such as welcoming children into the family, launching children  from the home, or  caring for an aging generation, they may experience stress in their relationships and family members may experience negative side effects.  The focus of couples and family counseling is to help alleviate individual symptoms and couple and family discontent through developing optimal relationships that allow family members to support one another.

This non-medical counseling is offered for individuals who wish to enhance their life and relationships, but are not experiencing difficulty related to a mental health condition. If you want to experience more fulfilling relationships, break negative patterns or habits you have learned, find more success at work, or simply enjoy life more, this may be for you.

Marriage & Family Therapy Supervision
Post-Masters Supervision is offered for recent graduates of Marriage & Family Therapy Programs who are seeking licensure in the state of Hawaii. As an adjunct faculty member at Argosy University, Honolulu, I am in a unique position to understand students of Marriage & Family Therapy in terms of theory and application of family systems and treatment of mental health diagnoses. Specific terms and conditions apply. Please contact me for details.

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